Monday, 1 March 2010

Get Kurt Wallander Ringtone.

When Wallander first hit our tv screens in 2009 it came like a breath of fresh air.
Here was a detective series that was compelling and intriguing. Kenneth Branagh plays Kurt Wallander perfectly as the divorced Swedish inspector based on the series by Henning Mankell.
The series is very atmospheric and the Swedish landscape is fantastic. Ad to this the great stories from Henning Mankell then you are on to a winner.
One of the other great hits from this series is Wallanders ringtone on his phone. Again this fits in perfectly for Kenneth Branagh's Wallander character and has caught the imagination of a lot of people. It is basically a galloping tone that gets lower and lower.
If you want to download the ringtone you can get it here.

Below is a Recent Kenneth Branagh Radio Interview where he talks about just everything really. Football, Wallander and Thor.